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Horse & Rider Sessions

Connection. Not only is it a basic building block in riding but it’s also a cherished part of owning a horse. It doesn’t matter what breed or riding discipline … your connection, your bond with your horse, is what I look to capture during a horse & rider session. These sessions take place outside using natural light, the best of which is usually the last two hours before sunset.

Choose from one of three collections:

Collection three – $750

If you want to know what a model feels like, this will give you a taste! Multiple outfits and tack changes as well as a black background session mean you will have tons of gorgeous photos to choose from.

  • Two hour session including outfit and tack changes
  • One black background session
  • Total of 40+ digital images delivered in a personal online gallery (approximately 35 horse & rider photos and 5 black background photos)
  • Proof prints of all final images
  • $75 print credit

Collection Two – $600

If a two-hour session is too much for you (or your horse), this is a great collection for you! We pare the time down just a little and forego the proof prints leaving you with an amazing value!

  • 90 minute session including one outfit and tack change
  • One black background session
  • Total of 35+ digital images delivered in a personal online gallery (approximately 30 horse & rider photos and 5 black background photos)
  • $50 print credit

Collection One – $450

This is the perfect collection if you don’t want a black background session. We focus instead on you and your horse and your amazing connection.

  • 60 minute session
  • Total of 25+ digital images delivered in a personal online gallery
  • $25 print credit

Fine Art Black Background Sessions

These sessions are all about the horse and capturing its inherent beauty and majesty. We will shoot multiple poses from full body to tight head shots at different angles right in the barn aisle using natural light. The heavy lifting for these beautiful and timeless fine art pieces is done in Photoshop, and every image is meticulously edited by hand.

I HIGHLY recommend manes be braided for these sessions. Braids make a huge difference!

Masterpiece Collection – $600

Looking for the next statement art piece for your home? This session focuses on images ideal for being printed large. In addition to capturing everything from full-body shots to head shots, we’ll also capture the beautiful details that make amazing accent pieces.

  • Full session for one horse (usually 30 minutes)
  • 12+ edited digital images
  • $75 print credit
Fine Art Portrait Collection – $300

In this session, we’ll focus on your horse’s unique traits and includes various poses from different angles and capturing everything from full body shots to close-up head shots. Each final image is edited by hand onto a black background to create a timeless classic that will still draw compliments for decades and generations.

  • Full session for one horse (usually 15-20 minutes)
  • 5+ edited digital images
  • $50 print credit
White Background Add-On – $75

This is a great option if you love the look of the black background but want something a little lighter and more airy for your home’s aesthetic. This is an add-on only and will include three additional edited digital images.

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