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A Gentleman’s Headshot Prep Guide

Your headshot can set you apart and help you land the job of your dreams! Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your headshot session.

Rest & hydration

First and foremost, try getting a full-night’s sleep the night before your session. With some good sleep, also try to stay nice and hydrated through the day of your session. Both of these steps will help your skin look its best!


Dress for the job you’re trying to land. If you’re currently wearing what barely passes as business casual but are applying for management positions dominated by suits, dress in a suit for your headshot.

Bring three or four options to try, and know that we may not get through all of them or we may mix and match.

The fit of what you wear is critically important. Whether you opt for business casual or a suit, wearing properly tailored clothing will have you looking (and likely feeling) your best. A big, billowy shirt will make every extra pound look like five. Wearing a fitted shirt will make you look your best!

  • Shirts should be clean and pressed. Stay away from patterns, and stick to solid colors, especially if you’re wearing a tie. Speaking of ties, choose a tie color that complements your eyes. Here are some suggestions:
  • Blue eyes – shades of pink, deep blues, and lighter greens
  • Green eyes – purple, deep greens, and pale yellows
  • Hazel eyes – orange, lavender, and burgundy
  • Brown eyes – olives/khaki greens, bright blue, and gold

Hair cut

The difference between a good haircut and a great one is usually about a week, so if you need to get your mop chopped, try to do so at least a few days before your session.

Facial hair

If you normally keep facial hair, I highly suggest you trim it for your session.

If your session is in the evening and you’re usually clean shaven, I suggest shaving around lunch time to prevent a 5 o’clock shadow.


Some photographers may ask you to take your glasses off for your headshot. For sure, they can present a challenge with lighting, but if you wear glasses on a daily basis, you should wear them in your headshot. Glasses should be clean before stepping in front of the camera. If you have multiple pairs, bring them all so we can try different looks.