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Winter engagement session at Keeneland Race Course | Christine & Derek

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When I first sat down with Christine and Derek, Christine mentioned it’d be cool if we could do some engagement photos in the snow. Being “horsey,” She also mentioned doing an engagement session at Keeneland Race Course.

We were lucky enough to have the weather line up pretty much perfectly with the small window in Christine’s and Derek’s opposite schedules.

Keeneland engagement picture with winter snow

When it comes to shooting engagement photos in the snow, having clients who value photography makes all the difference in the world. The biggest issue we ran into shooting in the snow at Keeneland should have been obvious — in order to have snow, the temperature has to be pretty low, and that made for some frozen faces (and fingers)! But Christine and Derek powered through, and the images are truly and uniquely amazing!

We started, like many engagement sessions at Keeneland Race Course, by the beautiful iron gate, followed by this GORGEOUS tree-lined drive, and then the iconic Keeneland clock.

Keeneland engagement pictures with winter snow

One of the great aspects of shooting at Keeneland is the restrooms … don’t laugh! They make outfit changes so much faster and easier than trying to inconspicuously change in a car or use one of those small popup privacy tents.

So after a quick wardrobe change, we wandered around inside the gates and grandstand area, and we made some amazing silhouettes in the tunnel.

Engagement pictures and silhouettes in the Keeneland tunnel

No engagement session at Keeneland would be complete without visiting the winner’s circle and grandstands:

Winter engagement pictures in the Keeneland winner's circle and grandstands.

Being around Christine and Derek, you can tell they’ve been a couple for quite a while. They’re so comfortable with each other and being around each other!

Keeneland engagement pictures with winter snow